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Could this be the secret to the Golden State Warriors success?

Could this be the secret to the Golden State Warriors success?

Can we quantify happiness?

I’m a Golden State Warriors fan. We lived 16 years in San Francisco and now we watch from The Netherlands, but there is something about the Warriors that goes deeper than just basketball. It mostly comes from one player.

From ESPN: “It was a revelation that came early in Kerr’s first season as Warriors coach. And so mere months into his tenure in Oakland, Kerr decided the dream culture he desired would embody the star player at the very center of it. They would strive to make one of Curry’s defining traits their cornerstone. It would be a constant, felt in the practice facility (where music thumps) and film sessions (where jokes fly) and far beyond. It would be one of the few qualities that, in the age of analytics, remained difficult to tally: happiness.” — Baxter Holmes, ESPN Staff Writer

Baxter Holmes writes an article that would have made my dad proud: a hard-working, mild-mannered, fun to watch, impossible to predict, rocking superstar of a basketball player. How many players, how many people, have all of those traits combined into one person?

Steph Curry is now on one of the largest stages in the world. So many people look to him–and look up to him–to lead the lead the team, to lead the sport, to victory. But he does it with a lightness, a spark, an energy that not many players have. Not many people have.

What is it?

Where does it come from?

How do we get some?

Who could write a book about happiness and give us some insights? 😉

I know the answer. Do you?

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