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Going wide (really wide) with Every Single Day

Going wide (really wide) with Every Single Day

It’s time for the wide, long game in book marketing.

There are pros and cons for going exclusively with your books on Amazon or choosing to go with other retailers worldwide.

In case “wide” doesn’t mean much for you, it’s the difference between going exclusive with Amazon and going with everyone else (and Amazon).

Since I’m in this for the long game, I’ve decided to Go Wide slowly with my books and leave the exclusivity of Amazon. Here are the distributors I’m using for Every Single Day:

  1. Amazon (direct)
  2. Kobo (direct)
  3. Draft2Digital (distributor)
  4. PublishDrive (distributor)
  5. StreetLib (distributor)
  6. FindawayVoice (distributor, audiobooks)

Whew! One thing about going wide is that it’s more work just to get the book out there. Is it all worth it? We’ll see.

Although Amazon can seem like an easy, one-stop-shop for selling and marketing and everything (and it is), I feel that it’s time to put on the Big Boy Pants and head out into the rest of the world.

Don’t listen to me drone on about it, many of my marketing decisions from Joanna Penn (Global Sales, Multiple Streams Of Income, And True Independence. Reasons To Go Wide) and she’s doing quite alright in her world.

I also just like the idea of not all of the eggs in one basket.

So there we have it.

I’ll keep you posted.

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