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Meditation for Creatives

Meditation for Creatives
This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series Meditation for Creatives

Need some high-level advice? It’s time to call in the big boys.

I just published my 12th book yesterday. Gave my second public speech last Friday. I don’t say this lightly,* but I’m living my dream.

Now that I’ve reached that dream, I have a new question, a new decision to make: now what?

This post today is such fun because it’s at “such odds” from my post yesterday. That had tables and links and research and this is … gut feeling. Who wins out? They both do–whatever works.

How do I, as they say, take it to the next level?

This post is the first in a series called Meditation for Creatives. A few years ago, I thought my daily habit was my secret weapon. Ah yes. Little did I know. Here, I’ll just give you the secret: it’s meditation. That’s my big, powerful secret.


There you go. That’s the answer. In fact, I now know exactly what I need to do over these next two months. If you want to know, it’s this: through writing the next Charlie Holiday book in the series for NaNoWriMo, my next nonfiction books will appear.

I know, sounds too simple and even a little wishy-washy. Believe me, I could (and will) write out a line graph based on my meditation this morning.

I smell a book cover being created. Oh wait. Here we go. Fresh off the press.

Meditation for Creatives

Meditation for Creatives

See this guy below? I was looking for a wink photo at Unsplash. I didn’t really want some secretive, snarky, possibly curious oddball person. I wanted some “normal person” photo. Let’s see: clean-cut, boring checkerboard button-down shirt, nice-enough looking guy? Check. Check. Check. He has it all.

But he’s winking. As if he knows something we don’t. But on the outside, we’d think he’s just a Regular Guy. Nothing special. No hidden secrets or superpowers or anything zany like that.

So that’s the thing.

That’s how I see Meditation for Creatives.

If you’re not familiar with meditation, you probably think it’s this mysterious thing monks do in Tibet. I used to think the same thing. Then you do it, you practice it, you get better at it, you may or may not see sparkly heavens and your deceased uncle Ronan, but at some point, you’ll get it.

Then we can move up a notch on your level of creativity or success or whatever ladder it is you’d like to climb.

That’s it.

That’s what I’m after with this upcoming book and music and course and workshop and … we’ll see.

What are you after?

Want to know more?

Meditation for Creatives

Meditation for Creatives [Photo by Jonathan Safa on Unsplash]

* I do “say this lightly” because I say most things with a bit of light, a flash of wit, a touch of smile, and rarely terribly serious.

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