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It’s 6:44 AM. My day is done.

It’s 6:44 AM. My day is done.

I started around 6:00. All in a day’s work.

I’m walking the talk: meditation this morning for One (Big) Idea.

Here’s my theory:

If we one (big) idea per morning, our day is “done.”

Well, “done” in the sense of creative source or “what we need to work on” or even “what’s the next chapter” (in a book or in our lives) or simply a path, a direction, or simply an idea.

Sure, we probably then have a full day’s worth of “work” ahead to fulfill or reach that idea or goal or direction but, in my humble opinion, it’s all more productive when we have that goal or idea to start with.

In other words, the meditation is the starting block, it’s the creative source for your day (or beyond).

From there, you Know What To Do. How many days are there when you’re pretty sure you don’t know what to do?

If you’re a pro at not knowing what to do then knowing what to do is a welcome trajectory.

Ready for my One (Big) Idea for the day?

I’m meeting with a business coach (of sorts, she does quite a few things) this morning and I wanted to have my own focus lined up before I go and get some “alignment” from her perspective.

If she wanted me to map out my 2020, it would look like this:

  1. Speaking
    1. On the topics below
  2. A book a month published:
    1. Jan: Repossible
    2. Feb: Ask
    3. Mar: Create
    4. Apr: A Trip to Hel (short story)
    5. May: Meditate
    6. Jun: Hungry? (short story)
    7. Jul: Meditation for Authors
    8. Aug: The _____________ Nonfiction Author
    9. Sep: Play
    10. Oct: Drive-By Sh*tting (short story)
    11. Nov: Travel
    12. Dec: Africa (love story?!)
  3. Podcasts
    1. Repossible
    2. Spark
    3. Audio for Authors
    4. The _____________ Nonfiction Author
    5. Every Single Day
  4. Courses
    1. Create
    2. The _____________ Nonfiction Author
    3. Spark
    4. Audio for Authors
    5. Meditation for Authors
      1. With meditations for: creativity, writer’s block, new worlds/ideas,
      2. New meditations regularly (?)

OK, well, THAT took all of a few minutes.

I just planned out my 2020.

Or if it’s not “accurate,” it’s a least a start, a blueprint, a map I can alter and improve on.

See what I did there?

One 20-minute meditation this morning gave me a roadmap for 2020 and a conversation starter for my meeting this morning.

Just like that.

Want to know what’s in that meditation?

I hope you’re not going to have to wait until July, 2020. 😉

P.S. I’m filing this under productivity.

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