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Who wants to play?

Who wants to play?

I posed this question to the audience. A surprising number of people rose up.

People I didn’t expect. People I barely knew would even consider it. People who didn’t need an explanation. In fact, it was clear in the way I posed the question that there would be no explanation or further description of the offer. It was plain, simple, and four words:

Who wants to play?

Independent of the scene, trying not to imagine what the question holds, forget who’s asking, what if you were asked this question, what would you say?

Sure, if Hannibal Lector asked, OK, fine, I get it. But take your imagination a notch down. But just a notch. Now what?

Are you ready to play?

Are you open to a new game?

Are you willing to go beyond what you know, what you expect, and what you think is possible?

I am.

I’m inviting you.

So, who wants to play?


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