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Which reality do you choose?

Which reality do you choose?

Because there’s usually a choice and it’s usually yours.

Yesterday, I had an “unreal” meditation.

This morning? Not so much.

Which one is my reality? Which one do I choose to be the norm? Which one is above average and which is below? Or maybe one of them is the average, the middle, the neutral, and the other is higher or lower.

I believe this is a choice and I believe this choice is up to us.

Yesterday’s meditation had it all: clear visions, time and distance were not a factor, and the world was my oyster.

Today was OK.

Which one do I want to be the normal one? I think the answer is subjective, not objective. The answer is the one we choose to be the norm.

I choose yesterday’s meditation and the high it put me on all day. In fact, I could take today’s meditation and call for a do-over. Just a few minutes of focused meditation at some point this morning to get me back up to the levels of yesterday.

Why not? Why can’t it be that way?

It’s my reality and I get to choose the bar, the line, the level, where “my reality” begins and ends. Why should I follow what my former self might have thought was best or right or where I should be?

This is the level of my current and future self and it’s the level I want to start from.

Did you catch that? As high and glorious as yesterday was, who’s to say it’s the top? Maybe that is just the beginning, that’s the bar, the starting block and I’m still far from the highest point.

Writing about this on this Monday morning already helped raise this morning’s meditation. See how that worked? It doesn’t have to be in a dark room with the right music and everything just right. It can come through writing about it an hour later here with … the right music and everything just right.

Can you feel how I can joke about this? I’m not struggling and fighting and wondering how to make it better, I’m joking about how to make it better and that, if you’ll go out on a limb with me here, makes it better.

By addressing it and bringing it up (with highness, humor, and love), we’re bringing it up right there. Right here and now.

Get me some Todd Norian, a bit of chai, a keyboard and just a few minutes in the morning and I’ll right this ship that veered “off course” earlier this morning.

It’s a brand new day and it just started. Again.

Which reality do you choose?
Which reality do you choose? [Photo by Monica Silva on Unsplash]


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