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Looking for audiobook reviews?

Looking for audiobook reviews?

We’re all looking for book reviews. But what about reviews for your audiobooks?

Here’s a list to choose from. It’s going to be a work in progress. Please leave a comment if you find a link is out of date or, better yet, you have even more audiobook review sites we can add. Thanks!

The “description” under the title of each one is just copied from the website, not my interpretation or opinion … yet!

In alphabetical order.

Audiobook Boom

Listen to something new. FREE audiobooks in your inbox every Tuesday! No cost to sign up and listen.

Audiobook Fans

Welcome to our website! We (my sister and I) are just a couple of book lovers that inadvertently fell in love with the world of audiobooks. Since that time we have happily consumed countless hours of audiobooks while commuting back and forth to work or mowing the grass or while getting some exercise.

Audiobook Listeners Group

This is a private LinkedIn group, but hey, it might be worth asking if they need books to read, especially if the genre is appropriate. They can always just say no … or yes. 

This group is for people who love audiobooks. The Audiobook Listener Group is for frequent book reader who sees audiobooks as a way to “read” more while pursuing other lifestyle activities.

Audiobook Promos

A page for authors to post audiobook promotions and giveaways, and for readers to find awesome new stories to listen to while on the go.

Audio Books Review

AudioBooksReview is the pre-eminent website dedicated to news and reviews of audiobooks.

Audiobook Update

We’ve compiled below a list of online audiobook retailers and CD rental services to help you find the titles you’re looking for in the format you require. Each of these services is unique in their own way, but all offer great customer service and a huge selection of titles. We want to recommend only top-tier, customer-focused services so please send us your feedback, positive or negative, about your experience.


AudioFile is the best way to discover more about audiobooks. We review and recommend the best listening, most interesting performances, and what audiobooks are worth your listening time. We review nearly 400 audiobooks every 60 days, feature narrator and author profiles, and award exceptional performances with AudioFile’s Earphones Awards. We’ll help you find your next great listen.

Audio for Books

Although I can’t find reviews here, it might still be interesting to see if they might do an “Author Spotlight” on you? Worth a shot … well, maybe. 

Book lovers rejoice and enjoy all things #audiobooks and #ebooks. Coffee available, join fellow digital bookworms.

Books for Ears

Books for ears are audiobooks – recordings of someone (often more than one someone) reading a book out loud. Audiobooks are used by lots of different people – blind people, commuters, kids learning to read and more.

Who is this site meant for?

Can you answer yes to any of the following?

  • I sometimes volunteer to run errands so I get to listen to more of my audiobook
  • I feel panic when nearing the end of an audiobook without one waiting in the wings to take its place
  • I am picky about the audiobooks I choose – I want great readers AND great stories

Ah ha – we have found you. We are like you.. and we have set out to share reviews of the audiobooks we are putting in our ears so you can find the perfect next selection for your listening pleasure.


Everything Audiobooks is a group for authors, narrators, listeners/ authors seeking narrators/authors seeking reviews/listeners seeking audiobooks/ sale and promote audiobooks/offer audio promo codes in exchange for a review. This group is basically anything and everything to do with audiobooks. Welcome.

Authors, please refrain from using this page to promote print and Kindle versions of a book (As those are not audiobooks) If you would like to mention that the audiobook is whisper-sync, you can include this in your post. But please do not post the Kindle versions of your book. Audible has a link on the main page for the audiobooks that are whisper-sync that the listener can select from there. Thank you.

Goodreads Audiobooks Group

Audio & audiobooks are getting more and more popular for commuters & those wanting to squeeze in another book or two a month while doing other activities.

Here we can share good audiobook titles, discuss talented readers and even discuss the question, Is listening to audiobooks cheating?

Postal Mag

This is really interesting! It’s a site for postal workers and they review books. I can’t find more background, but my guess is that, because they’re active and mobile and walk around delivering mail all day, they listen to lots of audiobooks! So cool! Who knew!? I don’t see a way to submit to them, but maybe just contact them? is dedicated to giving postal service employees the news, information, and resources they need to make their careers with the postal service as rewarding and enriching as possible.

Reddit Audiobooks Thread

Warning: Reddit is, (how do I put this lightly?) … hardcore. It’s not a place for the feint of heart, so be ready for some serious (constructive hopefully!) criticism. 

The audiobooks subreddit is a community of audiobibliophiles sharing and looking for their next great listen.

SFF Audio

SFFaudio was created in 2003 by Scott Danielson and Jesse Willis. Our goal was to tell the world about the cool stuff we were listening to. Since then we’ve added a bunch more contributors, reviewers, and even an editor!

We think audio is the best medium for Science Fiction literature and drama. We’re not against the dead tree, cathode ray, and celluloid versions, we just know them to be the inferior medium for transmission of story, mood, and ideas.

Solid Gold Reviewer Program

Do you have titles you’d like reviewed by book bloggers? Simply add them to our Solid Gold Reviewer listing. Bloggers from across the web regularly visit our site to see what titles they would like to review.  Please note – we may not list your title if we feel it will be of little interest to our reviewers. If your title is posted as available for review, it will remain posted on our site for six months.


  1. Kristi Moya

    Thank you for taking the time to gather these resources.

    • Bradley

      You’re welcome, Kristi!

  2. C. Hofsetz

    Great article! I have one question – how do you send the book to the reviewer once they request it? Just a dropbox/onedrive/google drive list of mp3 files? I’m worried the ordering will get lost.

    • Bradley

      I use Authors Direct as it’s the easiest for both me and the listener.

      But yes, if you were to do just files somewhere (Dropbox etc.) then just make sure you number the files easily: 01-chapter1.mp3, 02-chapter2.mp3, etc. to help with the order of the files.

  3. Tom Julian

    this is great. I just released my first audiobook and I’m going to run these down and see which ones might be right for me!


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