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Warning: Screen-Free Weekend Ahead!

Warning: Screen-Free Weekend Ahead!

We limit and scold and police our kids’ screen time. But what about us?

As good a job as I’m doing already with dictation (in fact, I’m dictating this right now), I’m still spending more time looking at a screen that I would like to.

I realize how much I’ve been on this computer lately as, even psychologically, leaving it for two days seems like a long time. Yes, I have to mention here, if only to make me feel better, but I am working on multiple books at the same time and an online course which requires recording of audio and video.

Of course, none of this means I can’t take a break and enjoy an outdoor weekend with my son.

I have to add that I am giggling at that last line. If you know me at all, you know I have not a problem with getting outdoors, traveling great distances and usually talk about months away instead of days or weeks. The difference now, the big change in my life these days, is that I actually truly enjoy the “work” I’m doing. This is a huge change for me and in fact I put that word in quotes back there because to me it’s not work at all, but joy, fun, play, lightness, love, and it is energy providing and if I had no requirements, no obligations, no one telling me what to do (wait, I don’t have any of those things!), I would be doing exactly what I’m doing.

There you have it. I’m off for a screen for you weekend and I will enjoy it at least as much as “working.”

Warning: Screen-Free Weekend Ahead!

Warning: Screen-Free Weekend Ahead! [Photo by Spencer Watson on Unsplash]

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