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Repossible Subtitle Success

Repossible Subtitle Success

I was searching for a subtitle for Repossible.

Found it.

I posted on Facebook for help in finding a subtitle for the Repossible brand (and book series) referencing this post where I laid out what I thought were the relevant factors.

This is a quick note to say that we succeeded. Yes, with help from those around you, we can make progress, we can figure it out, and, what often happens is you have the idea inside of you, somewhere deep and probably buried, yet with the prodding and asking of from others, you find it.

It became, after many comments and much feedback:

Who will you be next?

It’s exactly right.

I’m going to take it apart here, just for kicks.

  • Who: it’s not what or how or when or where. It’s who. A person. Probably you.
  • Will: the future (version of you). It’s probably not here yet or at least not yet in the form you’re shooting for.
  • You: OK, fine, it’s you. It’s not your 16-year-old son or your neighbor (whom you’d LOVE to transform). Nope, none of them. It’s you.
  • Be: It’s not how much money you’ll make later or when you’ll become a part-time singer, it’s be, as in the verb: to be. So that you’ll soon be able to say: I Am.
  • Next: It’s probably not right now. It’s also not “Who Will You Be Forever” or “Who Will You Be For the Rest of Your Life,” it’s just next, the next version of you.

The “be” part can be scary. What if the subtitle were, “When Will You Lose 5 Pounds” and you lost the 5 pounds. Great, yay, awesome, congratulations. But this is you we’re talking about.

Yet it’s not the “big and scary” YOU of forever and eternity, it’s the next version of you. It might last a year, it might last a decade. It’s up to you.

In fact, that’s just it: you can Repossible yourself again in a year or in a decade when that version of you is ready for that next version of you.

So, there’s the question:

Who Will You Be Next?

Yeah, that’s working for me. How about you?

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