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Repossible: The Subtitle

Repossible: The Subtitle

The tagline for the series, the mindset, the brand.

It’s OK. No pressure.

It’s January 2020. I have an 11-book series called Repossible (well, 11 books as of now…). The first book, the introductory book, called “Repossible” is out in ebook form.

I want to create the paperback. Technically, that’s a few clicks. HOWEVER: when you create the paperback, you can never (ever…) change the title or the subtitle again. Gulp.

I’m working on the subtitle of Repossible. Could you help?

Below is a brainstorm of vocabulary, subtitle attempts and notes. Feel free to add in the comments here or on Facebook.

  1. The new possible
  2. Your possible
  3. With regards to possible
  4. re:possible
  5. From impossible to possible
  6. Making the impossible possible
  7. Making the impossible possible again
  8. It’s possible again
  9. Through which you’ll be whole
  10. You already had it
  11. You had me at possible
  12. Let’s do that again
  13. You had it right
  14. You got this
  15. It’s possible. Again.
  16. It’s possible again and again
  17. Possible again
  18. There’s usually a choice. It’s usually yours. (NOTE: this is the current subtitle but I think it fits better with book #7, Decide. If you/I/we decide that this subtitle is better for Repossible, I’ll have to come up with another one for Decide. But frankly, I think Repossible needs a stronger, more proactive subtitle.)
  19. Remember the proud you?
  20. Remember the proud you? That’s who we’re after.
  21. If you can dream it, you can do it (Walt Disney)
  22. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. (Lyndon B. Johnson)
  23. The Journey Beyond Yourself
  24. Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. (Albert Einstein)
  25. It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. (Marcus Aurelius)
  26. Let not your mind run on what you lack as much as on what you have already. (Marcus Aurelius)
  27. From _____________ (something) to _____________________ (something else)

Here’s the terrible, temporary cover. I’m going to redo it once I have the tagline.



  1. Gosia P.

    I’m fresh after reading your Every Single Day. I was blown away by the concept of repossible.
    My vote would be for something along the lines below… please keep in mind I haven’t read the Repossible book (yet!).

    – From impossible to actually doing it
    – From Maybe Someday to I Did It!
    – From Struggle to Gosh This Feels Great
    – How to change the rules of the game to achieve your goals
    – The no.1 rule to achieve them all
    – How to rewire your mind and stop sabotaging yourself

    And.. thank you for ESD!


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