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Square peg in a round hole

Square peg in a round hole

Stop trying to force it

The rest of them were round.

Just that one square one.

Out of place.

But it was there.

  1. Get rid of it?
  2. Sand the corners to make it round?
  3. Change all of the round ones to square?

I was looking at a spinal column and there was just this one vertebrae out of place from the others.

I think it was three from the bottom. Then again, I don’t really know anatomy so well. I just see this stuff.

Is there something in your life you’re trying to force? Lots of elements going the right way but something grating, grinding, just not in sync or against the flow.

You might know what it is. It might be an obvious one where you’d immediately say, out loud, but probably to yourself:

“Yep, I know what it is.”

— You, to yourself

Or it’s not immediately apparent but you have an idea.

Or you’re going to have to think on it.

But one little vertebrae is out of whack.

Will it solve your back pain?

Could be.

Your cough? Are you trying to dislodge that one out-of-place element?


I don’t know.

I’m just the messenger.

You’re the one who knows.

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