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“It’s OK, I’ll just become the person I dreamed of being in my next life.”

“It’s OK, I’ll just become the person I dreamed of being in my next life.”

Doing Bryan Cohen’s 5-Day Amazon Adverting Profit Challenge and working on new hooks for my books.

The homework for Day #4 is to write, without stopping or editing, 20 hooks for your book.

I’m reaching back to “Every Single Day.” Here goes.

  1. It’s OK, I’ll just become the person I dreamed of being in my next life.
  2. “Transformation?” It’s such a big and scary word. I’ll start on that later.
  3. “You want me to start improving my life when?!”
  4. Oh, that’s not me. I’m not the type of person who does that sort of thing.
  5. Couldn’t we just work on improving my life every other Thursday? I’m kinda busy today.
  6. I want to improve my life. I do. I just don’t know where to start. Or when.
  7. Well, do you actually know anyone who made huge changes in his or her life based only on tiny changes on a daily basis?
  8. I don’t think I’m up for it. I’ll just stick with the person I have become and let that dream shrivel up and disappear.
  9. Wait, so you mean you know people who have transformed their lives through only a simple habit change? Do you think I could be one of them?
  10. I’ll start working on my new life tomorrow.
  11. Let me give it to you straight: there’s only one way to climb that mountain. One step at a time.
  12. I’m sorry, could you do something for me? Put one foot in front of the other. There you go. You did it. You started. Keep doing that.
  13. There are those of us who have succeeded and now live extraordinary lives beyond anything we might have dreamed of. It didn’t begin by starting tomorrow.
  14. When you’re 80 years old and you look back on that day and thank the heavens you made the decision it will help clear up what’s holding you back today.
  15. There are two “time zones” that don’t actually exist: yesterday and tomorrow. So when was it again you were going to begin down the path of the lifestyle you wanted to head towards?
  16. Yesterday is over. Tomorrow doesn’t exist yet. There is only one time to take action and it’s not Thursday after next. It’s today.
  17. “Every Single Day” is a mantra I learned from a Tibetan monk who lived joyously and prosperously until the ripe old age of 117. Just kidding. But it is the secret to a joyous and prosperous life.
  18. A year from now when you look back on today and say, “Gee, I’m sure glad I didn’t start then!” you’ll be crying with guilt.
  19. Habits are muscles. They grow–but can also decrease. We build new ones and old ones go away. But we need to use them, practice them. A lifestyle is a collection of habits.
  20. If you alter the trajectory of a rocket, it might end up on Mars instead of Jupiter. If you take action today instead of tomorrow, you might just …
  21. I wish I could more powerfully convey the joy and ease of a daily habit but no words or sermons or online courses can replace your simple daily action.
  22. I can write all day about how great it is to take a single, daily step towards your goal but nothing will change until you take it.
  23. Have you ever noticed how talking about climbing the mountain and climbing the mountain aren’t quite the same thing? It’s a bit like wanting a new and better life and taking action towards it.
  24. I know you want the big change, the glorious dreams of fireworks and stars. See that little ladder? It’s one step up. It’s the pathway to the stars.
  25. It’s both a huge thing and a tiny thing at the same time. Simple, focused, daily action is the big secret.
  26. It’s both simple and easy. It’s both the greatest challenge you’ll ever face and the simple action you’ll ever undertake. It’s a step in the direction of your new self.

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