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It Feels Good

It Feels Good

Like sex. But this feeling lasts longer.

As I play with* the Repossible series, I dig deep into the why of it all.

There are currently 11 books, 3 or 4 courses, a handful of podcasts, speeches, workshops, and who know what else.

This morning, deep in meditation, it came to me why I do this, why I’m driven to help others find their Repossible, teach, speak, stretch out my hand and pull you up, write, give, and create.

It’s simple. It’s sometimes difficult to achieve but once you get there, once you can replicate and realize that you can do it every day you’ll wonder why the entire planet doesn’t create every single day.

Here you go. Ready? It’s just three words.

It Feels Good

That’s it.

There you have it. The big secret to my life. Spilled onto the page here in a post on January 22, 2020.

Crazy, I know.

What “feels good” that we can relate to? Here’s a quick list (quick because I have to wake up Luca for school).

  1. Love
  2. Physical touch: a touch on the arm, a hug, sex
  3. Happiness: Pepper finds a mouse, your son finds his way
  4. Joy: Oud Amsterdam grated cheese on fresh popcorn
  5. Create: making something from nothing

I do #5 every single day. I strive for all of the others but #5 is on my checklist, in my blood, a part of who I have become.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and you’re probably not going to believe me but the “feel good” scale for #5 dwarfs all of the others combined.

Yes, even love.

Caveat: I need 1 through 4 to do 5.

Well, “need” is a big word. Let’s just say 1 through 4 make 5 better, stronger, deeper.

I create. I am.

I create who I become.

Creating gives me purpose, meaning, a sense of adding to my part of the world, my timeline, the universe in all of its meanings.

I don’t know if I can quite relay how important this is.

But hey, I have 11 books to do it in.

What are you creating? Making? What was not there that is now there that you brought into the world?

An idea, a book, a song, a painting, even a dream that you surrendered to and set free from where it was hiding.

If you’re somehow still wondering why I do what I do, I’m just going to have you say this, out loud but quietly and to yourself:

It Feels Good

It Feels Good
It Feels Good [Photo by Joe Pregadio on Unsplash]

*Pro Tip: “Play with” is a verb interchangeable for some people, like me, for example, with “work on.” Try it in a sentence, see how it fits.

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