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Behind the Scenes at the SPARK Drug Lab

Behind the Scenes at the SPARK Drug Lab

Or … The Meth Lab in Your Mind

We’re brewing up potions and concoctions over here that are both infectious and long-lasting.

I know, it sounds like I’m a drug dealer.

Well, I AM a drug dealer.

But we don’t stir up our chemicals in a meth lab in the jungles of Columbia (or the suburbs of Minnesota…), we have special access to one of the most powerful chemistry labs known in the history of pharmaceuticals, namely:

Your Body

Title Possibilities

I’ve now talked with several people about this talk and most warn me of the dangers of using something “drug dealer” and “kids” in the same talk.

Yep, I get it.

And they’re right.

I could go with some other angles I can explore in just the title:

  1. The SPARK Chemistry Lab
  2. The Meth Lab in Your Mind (OK, dangerous…;-))
  3. The Chemical Makeup of Happiness, Pride, and Belonging
  4. I Am a Drug Dealer (I still like this one…maybe I just need to find another venue, maybe I just need to mention it in the talk but not use this title)
  5. This is Your Mind on Drugs
  6. The SPARK Lab
  7. Behind the Scenes at the SPARK Lab
  8. Behind the Scenes at the SPARK Chemistry Lab

Speech Rehearsals

Below are test runs, rehearsals, for my talk on the topic. You really don’t need to watch them. Some are bad, some are just me “writing drafts” in my mind and speaking them out loud. It’s my process, it’s like a blank piece of paper but it’s more like an open camera lens and I have to fill it, see how it goes, improve, and give it another go.

Take #1

Take #2

I Am a Drug Dealer

Take #3

Take #3

Take #4

Take #5

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