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Book Workshop: Title, Subtitle, Description for Plastic Fantastic

Book Workshop: Title, Subtitle, Description for Plastic Fantastic

It can take time to sift through what your book is really about.

We need to make those descriptions glitter, shine, and rock. Here goes.

Plastic Fantastic Formula

  1. Hook / Headline
  2. Establish Your Expertise
  3. Synopsis: Summary of your book
  4. Transformational Benefits: what your readers are going to get out of your book, how it’s going to change their lives
  5. Selling paragraph
  6. Call To Action


What are the stakes? What could happen?

Question: This book has the 3-step system that is going to solve your problem?

  1. What’s the problem?
  2. What’s the solution?
Plastic Fantastic!

Plastic Fantastic!

After working through it together with the author, we came up with this (formatted for Amazon description):

Do you need plastic? Or are you fantastic?

Are you afraid to be yourself? Or are you just the way you are?

Remove the plastic. You are fantastic!

From Zero to Hero.
From an octopus without arms to a magician.

… who finds himself in his own skin.
… who creates his own reality.
… who shapes a new world.

Plastic Fantastic is an invitation to dive into your own journey, from Zero to Hero.

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