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Book editing tip? Record the audiobook version.

Book editing tip? Record the audiobook version.

I’m just finishing up the audiobook version of Spark. It’s better than another editing session.

I just read aloud, then figured it needed some work, so rewrote, then rerecorded a chapter from Spark.

Here’s the new text. I, unabashedly, love it. It makes me happy.

I tend to see things visually. I get these movie scenes in my mind and it’s often how I write—I just get down what I see as fast as I can in words.

The visuals keep coming and when I have this, I know I’m usually onto something. I see more of them.

I see kids laughing at their parents (as well as with them).

A mother crying because her daughter was more creative than they ever imagined and telling her story opened up a part of her she hadn’t ever witnessed.

An uncle who gets to know his niece better.

A young author who finally has an audience—her parents.

Strangers helping other strangers promote each other’s books.

Maybe a grandma helping out her son who’s helping out his niece.

A young boy who comes out of his shell and spills his imagination onto the page.

I see lots of things in Spark Campfire. What might you see?

If there are marshmallows, we might even get Li & Lu to visit.

Want to be a part of it? Come see what we’re cooking up over at

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