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Don’t Wait to be Discovered

Don’t Wait to be Discovered

Create, don’t wait.

If you’re at the point where you’re waiting to create so you’ll be discovered, it’s going to be a difficult sell to get you to the other side where you create without the wait.

When you want something and think you need it, it’s hard to believe you don’t want it or don’t need it.

That’s just what others say. They probably already have it so they can say more easily that they don’t need it–that I don’t need it.

Lots of people probably said
Don't Wait to be Discovered
Don’t Wait to be Discovered

If this helps, create as if you’ve been discovered already. What would you create? How would you do it? How would it make you feel? Keep going with that and see how important it is that others have “discovered” you. Then think hard about a number. How many people do you truly need to discover you?

A million? A thousand? One?

What if your 13-year-old son discovered you? Would that be enough?


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