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It’s The Way God Made Me

It’s The Way God Made Me

I’m a parent. I have teenage boys. I worry. They worry less.

This book is written in two voices: the mother and the son.

The mother is caring, cautious, and she lives in reality. This causes unwanted side-effects like stress, worry, and fear.

The son is smart, carefree, and also lives in reality. In fact, it’s HIS reality this book is based on. He has a severe nut allergy. Severe in terms of “Yes, he could die.”

While the mother is doing what mothers do (care, protect, and love her child), the son is doing what 10-year-old boys do: enjoy life, get on with it, not worry too much about it (or anything), and go to baseball games.

I’m a parent. I have teenage boys. I worry. They worry less.

Who’s “right”?

We’re both right.

But we see the same reality from two different perspectives.

The lesson from this book is we could all learn from the perspectives of others.

But honestly, the kids, the lack of worry, the “this is just how it is and I’m dealing with it just fine” mentality? We adults could learn a lot from the kids.

I’m so glad they wrote this book. I hope it helps parents (and kids) see things from another perspective and broaden their awareness of those around and see that same reality with new eyes.

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