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17 Reasons to go to That Conference

17 Reasons to go to That Conference

But there’s only 1 that really matters.

Let’s get started.

  1. Because you’ll actually go (versus that recording of the online version you’ll probably never watch).
  2. You’ll get the information aurally, visually, and maybe even physically.
  3. People will inspire you–and keep you awake.
  4. Snacks.
  5. You might get swag that’s actually useful (like a notebook).
  6. You might slightly get to know 27 people you’ve been wanting to slightly meet.
  7. You can play fanboy/fangirl to your heroes.
  8. It’s lots easier to Just Say Hi to someone you share the coffee line with.
  9. That one person you sit next to during that kinda-boring presentation before lunch on the third day turns into someone you’re going to partner with on an idea you’ve had brewing for months.
  10. It might be fun (see #1). There’s a good probability that it’s more fun than not going.
  11. Who knows what you’ll learn.
  12. You overhear a conversation you wish you were having but it’s almost as good because it solidifies your idea.
  13. The answer to the question you’ve had bugging you might be getting a crumpet right in front of you–and you ask and she answers.
  14. Just being there inspires, motivates, and leads to more action than were you not there. Almost guaranteed.
  15. Late-night brainstorming over Indian food.
  16. Early-morning strategic and spontaneous session on stats.
  17. Because you never know what’s going to happen.

Which one is the only one truly worth going for?

What do you think?

Which one would make it worthwhile for you?

For me? It’s #9.

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