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Are you a gardener or a mortician?

Are you a gardener or a mortician?

You’ve got your dream or goal or thing. Now, are you going to cultivate it or kill it?

When you have an idea, do you ever have someone else explain it better than you could?

I was listening to some meditation by a guy I don’t know the other day and this came through:

Plant it, don’t bury it. So often we bury things within us that we should have planted. The difference between burying and planting is the expectation, the intention. So let’s plant a seed that is pregnant with possibility, that will lead to the birth of something new in our lives. — davidji, Agni Light Meditation (it’s not the exact thing I heard, I can’t remember where I got the one I have)

What I get from it is that although both have the same initial action (putting a seed into the ground), the difference is cultivation. Your dream (or whatever it is you’re working on) is now in the soil and … now what?

Are you going to water it, fertilize it, take care of it? Or just toss it in there, cover it up, and hope things go well?

See the difference?

To put it a little more bluntly, are you a gardener or a mortician?

OK, that was a lot more bluntly.

Are you a gardener or a mortician?

Are you a gardener or a mortician?


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