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“There’s a spark within me that has been relit.”

“There’s a spark within me that has been relit.”

As an author, I can’t imagine getting a better review than this one.

Why? Because it shows one simple thing: I connected with a reader.

 March 24, 2018

Somehow, I found myself devouring this today. It’s rare that I allow myself this indulgence as the list of what I need to be doing in my head is endless.

I woke up to find a new follower on my Instagram… down the rabbit hole I went to try and discover why this person would follow me. I found words that resonated with me and the next thing I knew I was on Amazon to find out more about a book this follower had praised… but it wasn’t this book. Lo and behold this book was connected in an ad or suggestion of some sort… the rest is… well, yet to be seen.

Deliciousness to my soul, is the description that comes to mind as I reflect on my experience of consuming this book. I have no idea how to write a review and put into words how deeply this resonated within me.

There’s a spark within me that has been relit. I know ESD is the kindling I need to get the fire crackling and roaring… there are flames here that need to breathe and light the world.

Thank you Bradley Charbonneau for accepting the challenge of ESD, so that today, you could influence my ESD.

She says what I hoped, dreamed, but never truly expected readers would get from my book.

Why is this important?

You need to know the feeling, the sentiment, the “why” of your book and how you’d like it to connect with readers.

This does not mean the what of your book. Your book could be about cleaning out garages, but how does it make the reader feel? That’s what you’re shooting for.

It’s one of those things “I’ll know it when I see it” but it’s also one of that you might not see it until you know it and often it comes in other words from another person.

In a way, you connect with readers in indirect ways through your book and through their reviews you can then … write your next book even better.

If you’d like to have a look for yourself, here’s “Every Single Day.”

"There’s a spark within me that has been relit."

“There’s a spark within me that has been relit.”

"There’s a spark within me that has been relit."

“There’s a spark within me that has been relit.”


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