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Introducing the Repossible (Medium) Publication

Introducing the Repossible (Medium) Publication

Create, meditate, play.

Here’s the real deal: I’m looking for “content” (I know, hard to believe coming from the guy who creates Every Single Day), but that’s just it: I want your content.

I have enough of my content. I want your opinions, stories, experiences. Your ups and your downs. Your repossibles.

There’s usually a choice.
It’s usually yours.

I can’t find a better tagline–yes, I’ve been looking. It’s one of those gems that says so much in so few words.

That’s what I’m shooting for with the Medium publication.

If you don’t know, is a, well, magazine? A newspaper? Let me dig up their definition.

Your favorite writers, thinkers, and experts are publishing their best work on Medium.

Sound good? Head on over to and see what we have cooking.

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