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Are you missing out with a chance to connect with your readers at the end of each chapter?

Are you missing out with a chance to connect with your readers at the end of each chapter?

What if, instead of listing your references or further information, you linked to a page where you could offer … even more?

Here’s an example of a simple page that shows the difference in audio recording methods: Sample Audio Quality (from the Audio for Authors Course).

Let us count the ways this might be useful:

  1. Motivated Readers: Those who are going to click or even type in a URL to get those extras at the end of the chapters are the ones you truly want to connect with. They’re motivated, they want more from you and they’re showing it by clicking further.
  2. Transform Readers into Fans: A reader is someone who reads your book. They’re awesome. A fan is someone who wants your next book and who wants more. Give them more. Let those readers (and listeners) become fans, give them more at the end of a chapter. Don’t just give them some big list of references or articles at the end of each chapter, make a simple link that goes to a chapter-specific page where you add more to that chapter.
  3. Upsell Opportunities: Remember those people in #1 and #2? The motivated readers who become fans? They want more. Give them more. I think all of the content that’s related to the book should be free, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be more available (for purchase) now that we have their attention.
  4. Validation, Credibility, Wow Factor: Sure, you wrote the book, but wow their expectations by creating even more. Show how you’re even more the expert or give them extras they didn’t expect.

Can you think of others?

No, really, they want more.

This might sound unbelievable to many shy, new writers (well, and even many experienced writers!) but many readers really want to know more, read more, hear more, learn more, go deeper, go further.

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