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DARE | Aim | The architect and the gardener–and what type of gun they use

DARE | Aim | The architect and the gardener–and what type of gun they use
This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Dare

Shoot before you aim.

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.

— W. Clement Stone

Niche down. Focus. Niche again. Narrow your reach. Ready. Aim. Fire.

Or just shotgun it and hope you hit something. 

This is an excerpt from the the fourth book in the Repossible series, Dare.

In the writing world, there are two types of authors: 

1. Plotters

2. Pantsers

Plotters plot and plan and make blueprints and follow them. 

Pantsers “fly by the seat of their pants” and create and make and do and then see what happens. 

Another set of labels that might be easier to understand is: 

1. Architects

2. Gardeners

See note above about blueprints for the architects but as for the gardeners, this is the moniker I like best: 

spread your seeds and see what grows

I’m a card-carrying pantser/gardener. 

I’m also the first to admit the benefits of the plotters and architects. 

I also fully believe that consistency and “confinement” breed creativity. 

The first section of this book is Do. It’s not Aim (or Focus or Sit Back and Think About It for a While). 

It’s Do. It’s action, creating, making, and yes, then see what happens. 

This book is called Dare. In earlier versions, I had a purple cover with a man puking up a rainbow into a cloud. 

This book isn’t called, “Safe Strategies to Be Boring.” 

Act then aim. 

Create then analyze. 

Do then adjust. 

If you’d rather aim first and you feel strongly about it, awesome possum. In fact, connect with me and tell me about it at

Did I warn you that this book might pull you out of your comfort zone? I just invited you to tell me why you’d rather aim before doing. 

I also just opened up the possibility that you might actually do it. 

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