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Is “inspirational” just an empty word?

Is “inspirational” just an empty word?

Is it all just fluff and rah-rah? If we jump and down lots, does it help?

I got this note from someone who read SPARK. I didn’t ask for her comment or her thoughts on the book and she’s someone whose opinion I respect and don’t take for granted.

hey Bradley, just finished your book:) I will write the review when I am back from my travel, but wanted to first write personally: you are really
inspirational! i considered that a bit of an empty word, but you are actually this! so the word exists in reality:) thank you so much for this experience!

— SPARK Reader

In fact, she’s someone for whom I might think something “inspirational” (like quite a majority of my work!) would be seen as exactly that: just fluff and rah-rah. Empty promises and lots of encouragement.

I don’t know exactly what resonated with her but it did.

If she hadn’t read the book, she might not have said, “thank you so much for this experience!”

Did you catch that?

She’s thanking me for the experience.

This is the reader I want to reach. But frankly, this is the type of reader I don’t even “try to” reach as I think she’s out of my zone, out of bounds, off the radar because she believes something like “inspirational” is “a bit of an empty word.”

If you don’t write the words, no one will know.

Write the words.

Share the words.

Be open to what you receive.


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