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5-Word Hooks: Dare

5-Word Hooks: Dare
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It’s such a scary word.

So much just in those four letters. Are you ready?

I’m following Brian Meeks’ homework from his book “Mastering Amazon Descriptions: An Author’s Guide: Copywriting for Authors” and writing 5-word pitches, hooks, taglines, subtitles, for books I have written or, better yet, have not yet written. 

5-Word Hooks for Dare

  1. Dare to not do it.
  2. Dare to prevent the regret
  3. You could wait until asked
  4. Give it one shot. One.
  5. What could you lose? (ooh: 4!)
  6. What could happen? (ooh: 3)
  7. Damned if you do. Really?
  8. I’m not talking stupid dare.
  9. What would your grandpa say?
  10. Let’s talk about the future

That took me, what, 10 minutes? If that? I’ll do more when I have, you know, more ideas about this book.

But oops, I already do.

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