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Light at the End of the Clutter

Light at the End of the Clutter

I can see the light.

I’m still just a bit blinded by the surrounding darkness.

“Wait, is that a tram ticket from Prague? Did I tell you about the time … “

I can feel the lightness.

I can sense the freedom.

The weight off of my shoulders.

The flecks of distraction scattered in my vision.

I tasted the flavor of lightness as there were only three kinds of tea to choose from.

Can we miss what we do not know exists?

Is it possible to long for something we know is gone?

We could still reminisce about what we know happened even if there is no physical evidence?

What is the meaning of the thing on the table?

Why do we hold onto the past?

Is the future not the way?

When is it time to say goodbye?

As I sift through the clutter of my youth, I both see the light of the clarity of the future and can feel the experiences of the past. It’s not a bad or good thing, it’s an emotional and psychological rollercoaster–and I kinda secretly like rollercoasters.

Just a few more days of clutter and then I leave with two suitcases full of whatever it is I manage to carry in my two hands.

Goodbye clutter of the past. Hello to the light of the present.

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