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Ten Tips for My Teenager

Ten Tips for My Teenager
This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Teenage Tips

What I wish I knew when I was 13.

Kids need to fall out of the tree, scrape their knees, and learn from experience. There’s no substitute.

That said, we parents can still guide and lead and hope and advise. Maybe they don’t listen* but they usually hear.

As a bonus, but it just didn’t sound as good, I’m going to make each tip under 10 minutes as audio and video. Stay tuned.

I have two sons, so I’ll use him and her, but these might work for girls, too.

(If you’re reading this early on the list below won’t have links. When I’m done with each tip, there will be a link.)

Ten Tips for My Teenager I Wish I Knew When I was Thirteen

  1. Put yourself in her shoes
  2. Under promise and over deliver
  3. Surprise her (and yourself)
  4. Fail often
  5. Create
  6. Scale
  7. I don’t know**
  8. Embrace the unknown
  9. Listen
  10. Respect

* They usually aren’t listening.
** It’s not that I don’t know what #7 is, it’s that #7 is to know the power of saying, “I don’t know.”

Ten Tips for My Teenager

Ten Tips for My Teenager [Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash]

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