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Write. Publish. Repeat.

Write. Publish. Repeat.

Simple but not necessarily easy.

Published in 2014, read in 2017, reviewing in 2019. It’s still relevant.

You purchased this item on July 26, 2017.

— Amazon

My only comment about the dates is that, “It was easier in the good old days.”

Sure, things are more competitive now and there are more indie authors vying for the same spot, but on the other hand, as they say on the Self-Publishing Formula podcast:

It’s Never Been a Better Time to be an Author

I’m not going to pretend to do a thorough review of this book as it’s been too long since I started and there’s just too much in there.

Even in 2019, it’s a solid, tell-all guide to indie publishing.

If you’re looking for a One Size Fits All book for your venture into publishing, this may be it.

P.S. I can, as usually, highly recommend the audiobook version.

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