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The steak keeps cooking on the plate.

The steak keeps cooking on the plate.

Your efforts last beyond when you stop.

I don’t really know BBQ techniques. Some people take pride in their grill skills and I’m happy to partake in the party, but I don’t really know about 240 degrees and basting and … see? I already don’t know what I’m talking about.

But my mom always says, “The steak keeps cooking on the plate.”

I guess the heat inside the meat is so hot that it just keeps cooking. I don’t know, sounds logical.

I think less in terms of sides of beef and more in terms of strides of belief.*

If you make an effort (say, I don’t know, writing every day or exercising daily or maybe eating healthy for a month), it’s not going to stop immediately when you stop the action. It will carry on or carry over or carry through.

  • You stop, but it doesn’t stop.
  • You quit, but what you started keeps going.
  • You don’t want to anymore, but you’ve built up momentum.

How might this help? Oh, oh, I know! Yet another reason to start a daily habit. Oh, wait, how about Every Single Day.

Get it started, even stop, and the momentum keeps going.

Just like the steak keeps cooking on the plate.

You don’t need to understand how it works, you just need to do it.

* Wow, really seem to have a rhyming thing going on this morning.

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