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2,000 Posts in 2,000 Days

2,000 Posts in 2,000 Days

I have become The Mexican Fisherman.

Wow. 2,000 posts in 2,000 days. Some might say, “Wow, awesome!” or “That’s insane!” or even “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

I would answer, “Yes, it’s awesome, yes, I’m insane (in a good way), and yes, I have something better to do.

The better thing I have to do is to write a better post tomorrow. Better than the one I wrote today. To make the next book better than the last. To start a new series with new characters, to start a new podcast (oops, did that last week).

To keep on living the dream that I have created for myself and to make it better with each and Every Single Day.

This maybe sounds silly by now, but here’s a little administrative matter that might help shed a little light on life behind the scenes of such determination, passion, perseverance, and play (you have read the book by now, right?).

I need to create a new post where I’ll keep posts 2,001 to 3,000 and the post has to have a title. I already have:

  1. Write Every Day
  2. Keep Writing Every Day

Every Single Day, I type into my browser address bar “keep … ” and the page comes up for 1,001 to 2,000 because it’s cached in my browser’s history. Then I edit it, yes, manually, and add the day’s post and make a link. I need to create a new page but “No really, Keep Writing Every Day” or possible “Yes, I’m Still Writing Every Day” weren’t really doing it for me.

If I think about how I feel about writing every day, here are a few words that come to mind:

Although I’m not a big fan of the word “luck” I do like it and believe that luck is created and not so much found on the street corner. If I think about what word I’d like to type into the address bar of my browser bar every day, it’s a fun one. I’m into fun. I’m into light. I’m going with Lucky.

For posts 2,001 to 3,000, head on over to Lucky (to Write) Every Day.

Now that we have the future taken care of, here are a few items from the past 1,000 posts. At least a few things that come to mine. 1,000 posts ago was 2015 after all. So much has happened since then I don’t even recognize it. But just to put it in a spectacularly short and ridiculously powerful numbered list and more for my own reminder’s sake, here we go:

  1. Closed down my company. (No, really. Completely shut it down and it no longer exists.)
  2. Started writing full time (complete with drafts, editing, proofing, marketing, advertising, podcast interviews, etc.)
  3. Moved my family to Europe.

Those are three things I thought I would probably never do. Can I attribute it to Every Single Day. Yes. How? Why? Because, let me put it bluntly: because I can accomplish anything if I break it down into daily chunks small enough to accomplish.

There’s my Every Single Day. Boom.

More goodness and the future:


Repossible Podcast

Repossible Podcast

If one word came through in 2017 it was voice.

Not just the writer’s voice (although it’s a part of it), but the actual voice, the audio, the sound waves when you speak. If I were to predict where 2,000+ posts are heading, it would be that.

No, I’m not abandoning writing and going into a singing career. (Hardly!) But I’m such an avid audiobook listener and podcast fan that I want to do more with voice.

I just started, after a good two years of wanting to do it, the Repossible Podcast. I want it to be collections of stories from people who have achieved their own Repossible.

Every Single Day Podcast

Every Single Day Podcast

Also, continuing on the audio front, I’m recording the audiobook version of Every Single Day and although I’m going to submit it to all of the audiobook companies, I also want to have it available as a podcast.

I’ve had such mind-blowing reviews from the book that I want to make it available to more people on more platforms. I know that I use podcasts practically as a search engine and I just love how it works in sequential, easy-to-follow episodes.

It’s also an experiment. I plan to put up all of the chapters for free. Maybe the first ten once a day and then spread the rest out weekly. There are something like 47 chapters, so it’ll be a while. Hey, if you want it all right now, you can buy the audiobook. 😉

I no longer believe in coincidences.

Just today, speaking of voice, I got the final audio version of the Foreword to Every Single Day from John Muldoon. It’s 9 minutes. It’s so good.


It’s a dead heat as to what is more exciting for me: voice or fiction. Hey, it’s my lucky day: I can have both. Even better, I can combine them.

I’m working on a new series with a new character: Charlie Holiday. He basically came to me between the lines while writing Every Single Day as a fictional character who could embody the principles of ESD while living a fictional (read: completely carefree and ridiculous) life.

The thing with him, however, is that he took ESD to extremes and has developed “supernatural” or “paranormal” powers and he, frankly, doesn’t really know what to do with them. Stay tuned for more from Charlie. If you’d like a little teaser, here’s the “sampler” audio (5 minutes) for the audiobook distributors.

Here’s a sampler from “Hero’s Holiday.”

OK, it’s the end of the day. Kids coming home from basketball and I promised I’d watch something like “Geostorm” with my youngest. I’m not sure if that’s homework or a movie. But I gotta make some popcorn, spend some time with my kids, and continue living the dream of The Mexican Fisherman.

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