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Now that you know who you truly are, go back and live your life fearlessly

Now that you know who you truly are, go back and live your life fearlessly

If this doesn’t hit home, you either have known or you don’t yet know.

Anita Moorjani, a bit of a specialist on second chances, coming back from the dead, and living to tell about it, knows who she truly is.

She had a Near Death Experience and has, to understate immensely, lived to share what she learned from it.

What she’s trying to teach us (and what I’m learning) is that we don’t need to have a near-death experience to “know who we truly are.” We can often find it through less death-defying experiences. You know, nasty stuff like:

  1. Divorce
  2. Sickness
  3. Career disasters
  4. Take-your-pick-of calamity

See where I’m going?

Do we need to (almost) die to learn who we truly are?

Unfortunately for most of us, the answer is yes.

In my books, in my talks, I often mention my father who passed away in 2015. If I were to draw a line chart of my life, since that time my life has catapulted upwards and forwards in exponentially radical fashion–for the better.

Did I really need to wait for a tragedy to get unstuck?

I wish I could say that I was strong enough to change it on my own.

I regret that I could not (or at least did not) change or improve or even try very hard to make my life what it is today earlier.

But unlike some of us (like my dad), I’m still alive.

I have time.

Let me just repeat Anita’s words and let them sink in.

“Now that you know who you truly are, go back and live your life fearlessly.”

Anita Moorjani

Powerful stuff in one little sentence.

So, let’s do a quick check:

  1. Do you know who you truly are? If so, see step #2. If not, how are you going to find it?
  2. Live your life fearlessly. Without fear. As if you might die tomorrow.

Let that too sink in.

So now what? This is possibly a little gruesome, but think of yourself dead. What would you look back on today and do differently?

Does that help you realize who you truly are?

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

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