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A gigantic pain in the ass

A gigantic pain in the ass

Sometimes it takes more than taken and hard work.

I’m reading “I Can See Clearly Now” by Wayne Dyer for the third time–at least. It’s what I read (I actually listen to the autiobook–which I can highly recommend) when I need a bit of love or inspiration or, well, both.

After a great deal of discussion and negotiation, I receive a telegram informing me that they’re going to make an exception because I am a veteran who has become a gigantic pain in the ass.

Wayne Dyer

When I heard this for the first time, I was sure he was going to say they accepted him because of:

  • His excellent writing skills,
  • His master of public speaking,
  • His entrance exam,
  • Maybe his brilliant application essay.

Nope. It was because:

  1. He was a veteran.
  2. He was a gigantic pain in the ass.

I must refer to one of my other sources of deep philosophy, The Shawshank Redemption. Andy Dufresne finally gets through to the powers at the library of the local town. You’d expect that now that he got what he wanted he would stop. No, now he doubles his efforts.

If you haven’t read “I Can See Clearly Now” you might just think Wayne Dyer is a rockstar and always has been. Nope. He worked his ass off for years, for decades. He hit the pavement, he sold books out of his trunk, he did it all to get there.

Even to get into college, where he didn’t have the grades, he kept pushing and making his case, all very professionally, of coruse, and he got through to them.

He was persistent, he was talented, he didn’t give up, and he kept going until they just wanted to have him or wanted him to just stop. He was a gigantic pain in the ass.

I write this today as a reminder that, to put it bluntly, I’m not being a pain in the ass–and I need to be.

I’m not pushing. I’m not pushing enough. I’m too comfortable, I’m happy, I’m just fine.

But I want to go higher. I want to reach more people. I want to, pardon the term, take it to the next level. So cliché, I know. But it’s true.

I’ve achieved my last dream (to become a writer). Now I want to become a public speaking.

I need to become a pain in the ass.

A Gigantic Pain in the Ass
A Gigantic Pain in the Ass [Photo by Ben White on Unsplash]

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