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“Chapter Won” submitted for pre-order!

“Chapter Won” submitted for pre-order!

“Chapter One” can be two of the scariest words ever put together.

Well, when you’re an author.

Or at least, when you’d like to become a writer.

Because after those two words, you have to tell a story. Probably your story. It might be terrible. It might sound stupid. It might be all wrong, you toss it in the garbage and start over.

Or worse.

You never start again.

This book is a collection of chapters that were “won.”

We defeated the beast of the empty page and together, two people for each book, wrote.

This is the trophy for SPARK.

SPARK is a movement, a book, a course, a workshop where one person teams up with another person (often a parent and a child) and write a book together.

That’s it.

It’s so simple.

Yet not always so easy.

But they did it. We did it.

This is our celebration of chapter one.

This is Chapter Won.

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