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How bathroom tiles factor into my audiobook marketing strategy

How bathroom tiles factor into my audiobook marketing strategy

You wouldn’t think the two are related but let’s have a look at how they are.

The day started off well,  But just as I was about to get into recording my fifth audiobook and recording it for my upcoming course “Authors For Authors,”  we had to get to an appointment to talk about, wait for it, bathroom tiles.

It would have worked out really well if perhaps I were writing a murder mystery that involved a local interior designer, maybe we needed someone who knew how to clean blood off of a mat finish porcelain 40 cm x 40 cm floor tile. Or maybe my co-author had a part-time gig as a design consultant at the local bathroom design shop. At the very least, I might have been doing research to get my descriptions just right for that all-important scene at the beginning of my next paranormal fantasy where Charlie Holiday realizes his reflection doesn’t show up in the mirror.

Here’s the part where I tell you how the bathroom tiles figure into my audiobook marketing strategy.

The bitter truth is: they don’t.

The truth is that  the appointment lasted over two hours and the tiles were starting to look like jail cell walls, the only murderer in the place was going to be me if we didn’t leave soon, and I would have never believed you if you told me how much a single faucet, that is, if it comes straight out of the wall, could cost.

It’s now past 6 PM in the afternoon and it was one of those days where I know I had important things to do and I think I did some of them but one of them was not working on my audiobooks or even my audiobook course.

The good news and the bad news t of being an independent author is the flexibility you have two either choose bathroom tiles or choose to work on your audiobook. Although it seems like you have a choice, and I suppose you really do, sometimes you just don’t.

On that note, I’m in a go see if I can get in a couple quick chapters of my latest book to record onto audio, Utrecht.

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