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Welcome to my Office

Welcome to my Office

“Office” is loosely defined as a place where “work” gets done.

“Work” is yet another definition based on subjectivity.

I was “working” on a welcome (or “daring challenge,” more like it) intro video for my SPARK workshop.


  1. Chris Helme

    Hello Bradley – I have seen on written word media you have written about your thoughts on your audio books. You wrote about having a non-exclusive contract with ACX and then being able to put your work elsewhere you would also go with Findaway.
    I am about to publish my first audio book – from one of my own books. The audio book market appears to be a bit of a minefield but I like the idea of what you have suggested rather than everything with ACX for seven years.

    Did your plan work ?

    I would appreciate to hear what you finally did about your audio books.

    Thank you

    Chris Helme

    • Bradley

      Yes. Quick action: go with Findaway Voices.

      Slow action: use your audio “creatively.” For example, I have some of my books as podcasts with a chapter becoming an episode. I also am a bit infatuated with Headliner and the fun you can have with sharing snippets of your audio.

      I just came from the 20Books® Las Vegas conference where it was, at least for me, confirmed that “wide” is the way to go in audio.

      Speaking of news and podcasts, find my “Audio for Authors” podcast where I’m adding new marketing tips for audio authors weekly.

      Keep me posted!


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