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The hidden meaning inside of the Repossible logo

The hidden meaning inside of the Repossible logo

What’s in a logo? Love. Laughs. Lots.

As so often happens when people have an idea they want to transfer from their minds to, well, outside of their minds. They say things like:

“I can see it all before me. It’s so clear.”

If you’d like to see where this REALLY came from, it’s all here:

The mind, the heart, and the gut.

Each and every one of us has a:

  1. Mind
  2. Heart
  3. Gut

Yet are they in alignment? Are they working together? Are they even talking to each other?

The three dots represent those three parts of each of us: mind, heart, gut.

Repossible Logo
Repossible Logo

We have all of the elements we need already within us. They’re just out of whack, out of alignment, or out of order.

I’m sure I could think up much more behind it, but it’s just that simple:

Mind + Heart + Gut

If I wanted to make it a little more complex, I thought about making it 5 dots (or 5 levers).

Maybe the top one for spirit and the bottom one for grounding.

Maybe later. For now, I like the three.

Simple But Not (Necessarily) Easy

How to get them aligned? It’s simple. Just like the levers or buttons or knobs on a radio dial. You know, stuff like:

  • Practice
  • Patience
  • Passion
  • Perseverance
  • Play

Simple stuff. Good, important, life-altering words. When put together, when lined up properly, can change lives.

Your life.

That’s my logo. For now. I like it. I’m going with it.

Repossible Logo
Repossible Logo

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