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I did not have this certainty, it had me.

I did not have this certainty, it had me.

This gave me an inner security.

When I travel, I tend to listen to and read different material. More fiction, more spiritual, less “practical” and, I don’t know, hands-on.

“…instead of it being a horizontal line, it’s a vertical line. … that everything is already taken care of for us, that everything is already happening at once.”

— Wayne Dyer

I really don’t know much about Karl Jung except that he’s one serious dude.

From the time I was, oh, I don’t know, maybe in high school? Maybe it wasn’t until the first few years of university,

“From the beginning, I had a sense of destiny as though my life was assigned to me by fate and had to be fulfilled. This gave me an inner security and though I could never prove it to myself it proved itself to me. I did not have this certainty, it had me.”

Karl Jung

Although on the surface, I’ve felt lost often and without much reason. But deeper down, I “just knew.”

I might joke that, sure, I “just knew” but what did I know? I just felt comfortable on my path as if there were a greater power that had designed it and it was my task to just follow it along.

I don’t mean fate and whether or not we have a say in our path, but that it’s not a “fight” or a “battle” and certainly not a “war.”

But it’s a game. Maybe like Chutes and Ladders. Or even Monopoly. Play along, follow some rules, roll the dice.

But play the game.

For the full podcast episode, you can listen to it here: I Can See Clearly Now.

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