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Just published your book? Excellent! Now what?

Just published your book? Excellent! Now what?
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  • Just published your book? Excellent! Now what?

This post could be 42-pages long. Here’s a summary.

Your book is out there for the world to see…and buy.


Yeah, take that last sip of champagne because here comes the Real Work.

P.S. This truly could be an entire course. Oh wait, it is/will be. See if it’s here yet. It’ll probably be called “Market” to keep my trend of simple verbs going.

I’m going to work with a numbered list because there are going to be certain things you want to do in order–others you’ll have to do in order.

Post Book Launch Actions

  1. Reviews: this is a massive undertaking with a zillion ideas and options but before you get those reviews up there, you might not want to do much of anything else below yet. Yeah, sorry. At least 5 for starters, better would be 10. Here’s some help: StoryOrigin, BookFunnel. More book review help.
  2. Paperback: OK, fine, you could do this before the reviews. In fact, a good idea because it’s going to take a few days for Amazon to make the book page contain both the ebook and the paperback (at the same link).
  3. Audiobook: this an even bigger undertaking than even the first two (“Dude, could you not have started with something easier? Pretty please?”) but it’s good to get started. At least record a chapter so you have a little audio to play with, share, give away, etc.
  4. Amazon Advertising: if you’re not yet familiar with Amazon Advertising and you want to actually sell some books, get familiar with it. Here’s a good introductory course.
  5. Celebrate: seriously. You published a book, that’s awesome! Go out to dinner, have ice cream, do something to luxuriate yourself. Money left over from dinner? Go back to #4. 😉
  6. Reviews: oh wait, did I cover this in #1? Yep, sure did. Keep at it. It’s a long-game strategy and you need reviews. Then you need more of them. Yes, they’re a pain. Yes, you might have to beg and remind and nag. It’s worth it. Sorry.
  7. Share: social media, relevant Facebook groups, etc. Ideally, it’s not you who’s sharing but your Launch Team. (Don’t have a launch team? Ask you fans, friends, colleagues, and that woman who seemed to like your book idea in the supermarket.) PRO TIP: wait for #1 to hit at least 5 and then ideally wait until the paperback and the ebook are on the same (Amazon) book page for your book.
  8. Give up: Wanna give up yet? Don’t. This stuff can be a pain but your book sales over the long term will be better for it, this will all be easier next time and…wait, next time? See #9.
  9. Write the next book: (“Wait, what?”) The best marketing for your book is your next book. Seriously. If you haven’t started writing it, start writing it. Wanna know a kinda weird but intriguing marketing tip? Start writing your next book, share your progress and leave something of a teaser or question. When people ask about the teaser or topic or have any question at all, mention your current book and, oh, by the way, unlike the book I’m working on, this one is available right now.
  10. Make “clean” URLs for your book: OK, maybe this could have been higher up but if I put it up there all of the numbers are going to change and I’ll have to re-reference and…wait, see what happened there? I wasn’t planning ahead. Plan ahead and get the “clean” URL for your book. In other words, not this gargantuan beast:

    but this one:

    If you’re an Amazon affiliate, you can use that one (but you’re not supposed to in emails/newsletters):

    With that last one, I get a tiny commission if you buy that book but I get a bigger commission if you buy that book and a brand-new TV through Amazon. Cool, right? I know.

    Now use these to share.
  11. Go back to #1 and keep going.

Ten is enough for now. That’s a lot to do, right? #1 should keep you busy for a year (I wish I were exaggerating).

If I had to choose just one? I hate to say it but it’s #4.

Speaking of reviews, I signed up with StoryOrigin to also review books (paying it back…) and I have to get over there.

Happy publishing!

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