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Repossible (The Series)

Repossible (The Series)

There’s usually a choice. It’s usually yours.

“Bradley, which book in the Repossible series is the most important? Where should I start?”

— What the hoards ask

I could go sneaky on you and say that you already know because what you just did was ask a question.

Or I could say you’ve already begun because you dared even think about it, you even took action by asking the question.

The creator and writer that I am might suggest you start with #3: Create. Just forge ahead, plow through, see what happens when you begin to let what’s inside outside and create.

But hey, that’s just me.

Repossible is flexible, it’s both gentle and powerful. It’s forgiving. If you begin with Asking and jump over to Creating or even down (or is it up?) to Meditating, you won’t be breaking any rules.

You might think you just need to decide, which wouldn’t be far off the mark. You’re going to need to be doing a bunch of that so it’s not a bad place to learn better how to do it.

Although an advanced topic (or is it?), you couldn’t go wrong with beginning to meditate. It’s one of the secret powers of Repossible that could rocket you to higher places than you ever imagined possible.

Did you catch how I lightly tossed “possible” in there? I haven’t yet mentioned “impossible” but it exists, I don’t deny it.

It’s just that I see a third path: Repossible.

Possible is the easy path, might not take much effort or decision making. Maybe you do this all the time. It’s safe, comforting, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Well, usually.

Impossible is, to the mathematicians, something you just can’t compute. “Three apples minus two oranges.” Although I dare call myself a mathematician, it’s stretching the limits of the impossible that is fun. That fun realm above and beyond impossible is what I call Repossible.

Repossible is that third option in the fork in the road. It might not be easy, it might not be simple, but it’s usually there. There’s usually a choice and that choice is usually yours.

At this point, if you’re feeling up for it (and you usually are at this stage of the process), you could bring someone else along. Something of an apprentice, part of you giving back for having reached this elevation and you want to put your hand out and spark the beginning of this path in someone else.

While asking, daring, creating, and meditating are all good fun, things get really nuts when you hit the level where you surrender. It’s going to take something of a mindset shift to reach this level and float past it but you have the tools already.

If you’re just starting out, it’s going to seem like this next level is out of place but I can assure you, it’s where you’ll be soon enough.

It’s one of those conundrums because before you get there you think it might be a step down, a demotion, but no. It’s what we’re seeking. A lightness, a carefree mindset where “it’s all just a game” but in the good sense. It’s a place of happiness, pride, and joy. It’s when we arrive at play.

I know, I know: it’s good enough, isn’t it?

You’re not going to believe this but we’re just getting started. Each round, each cycle, is just a leveling up. This part can also be difficult to comprehend when you’re just starting out but beyond all of this is another level.

Each one gets better, lighter, easier, simpler.

After all of this, we’re going to elevate.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is quite a ways out. What was that first thing to do? Where were going to start?

Oh, I admit it, I’m playing tricks on you, I’m leading your questions but that’s exactly where to begin: ask.

Here we go.

Oh, one more thing.

John Muldoon wrote this in the foreword to “Every Single Day” and it’s always stuck with me.

“We’re rooting for you.”

  • Possible: easy
  • Impossible: hard
  • Repossible: you

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