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8:25 and then 8:52

8:25 and then 8:52

My son is a bit of a math dork. I love it.

“Hey, it was 8:25 and now it’s 8:52,” my son mentioned this morning while we were all lounging in their bedroom. The funny part is that I knew exactly what his “point” was: the 2 and the 5 were switched. Somehow, this was worth mentioning for him.

I wonder if he’ll be as superstitious as I am. I’ll see numbers and remember them later or if I see them again it’s good luck. Completely random dorky stuff. But if I had seen the 8:25 and then the next time I happened to look up saw 8:52, I wonder if I would have noticed it–much less mentioned it–as he did this morning.

So what’s the point anyway? Is this part of his personality? Who cares? Do I? Well, yes. Does he? Who knows. Maybe in 50 years, no, maybe in 30, no, maybe 40. Maybe never.

Maybe there’s no point. Maybe it’s just a rainy day and a silly observation for no reason–or at least not much of a reason. That’s OK. I can live with silly, rainy, and observations.

It was 8:25 and then it was 8:52 ... and why that was significant.

It was 8:25 and then it was 8:52 … and why that was significant.

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