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Why is accounting Greek?

Why is accounting Greek?

I just can’t get it.

I was a math major in college. I loved math throughout my life. I actually still like it. I like numbers, I like the hard science of it.

But I just can’t get accounting.

It’s just foreign to me. I’m a relatively smart guy. I went to lots of schools. Speak lots of languages. But I can’t get it. It’s like I’m Teflon: it just doesn’t stick.

Then the more I do it and the more I don’t get it and the more frustrated I get, the less I like it and then soon … I hate it. I just searched Craigslist for some help. We’ll see what that comes up with.

This is accounting: about as clear as moss.

This is accounting: about as clear as moss.

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  1. John

    I think it might actually be Arabic. Not 100% sure though. 😉

    • Bradley

      It’s just not a romance language, that’s for sure!


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