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Cooking with Grandma

Cooking with Grandma

Are these the types of moments you remember forever?

Or is it just me and my oh-so-sentimental journey of late? Well, it’s not of late …

My 10-year old really, although sometimes not publicly, loves cooking. I also, not as secretly, loves that he loves cooking. My mother although loves to cook. Getting my son together to cook with my mother is putting two people next to each other in the same room doing something we all three love doing and love doing together. We might have a glass of wine or a cup of tea while cooking, cutting, chopping, and sautéing. We chat and question and tell stories and hopefully stick to the topic at hand (namely, dinner) long enough to get it done and ready. It might not happen and that’s OK.

They had their moment side by side getting splattered with hot water and dipping fingers into soups, tasting yucky new substances and licking bowls of yummy ones. Ooh, they’re calling us for dinner. I don’t care what they made, it’s going to be delicious.

Two people I love the most, together creating in the kitchen.

Two people I love the most, together creating in the kitchen.

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