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Praise for Every Single Day

Praise for Every Single Day

Every Single Day: A simple prescription for transformation.

More often than not, others can see what you cannot.

Here is a collection of blurbs about the upcoming “Every Single Day” book that hopefully will give other potential readers clarity into what it’s about.

We all see from different perspectives. It’s important to take into consideration the viewpoint of others so that you too can see from their eyes. — BTC

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  • “I love how you handle deep subjects in such a light-hearted way.” — Kay Bolden, Author
  • “So it’s 10k hours and the journey not the destination all wrapped into one.” — Jon Fox
  • “Reading Bradley’s new book I came across the line: ‘If you are struggling to find your passion, think about what gives you energy.’ It just hit me, so clear so easy, typical for his writing. Bradley invites you to become (again) curious about yourself … ” — Hermann Baltes
  • “Bradley has a way of pulling readers into a story that’s quite unique. His tale of writing every single day provides encouragement for writers who are facing the mountain, so to speak. It’s not an impossible feat, his book allows you to take the idea of writing every single day and turn it into a reality.” — Angela J. Ford
  • I just got on the wrong side of 50 this past summer and in my experience, it’s *so* much more important what is done consistently rather than once in a while. Just the simple of act of a daily practice allows for compound improvements. To paraphrase Warren Buffet: “The two most important forces in the universe are love…and compound interest.”  :-)By adopting a daily practice for (insert good habit here) just as the author has, then the result is daily improvement (even if doesn’t feel that way when you’re in the middle of it all). Just improve a bit, say 1%, then that compounds mightily and means you’ll double every 72 days. Building up small habits and incremental improvements results in gigantic results.I guess I learned that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but day by day. Bit by bit.Love this author and this book made and is making a huge impact on my life and the lives of my family, friends, and colleagues around me by osmosis. Thanks! — Richard Robinson, Entrepreneur in China
  • “Here’s the story of a man who went from being discouraged to being (and I’m quoting here) a “full-of-energy awesome beast of an unstoppable, rocket-powered, fantastically talented creature.” It’s way inspiring. But even better, it’s instructive, because after reading Every Single Day you, too, will understand how to transform yourself into an awesome, unstoppable, fantastically talented creature. Spoiler alert: It’s actually not that hard to do.”  — Laurie McAndish King, author, Your Crocodile has Arrived: More True Stories from a Curious Traveler
  • “Bradley writes of what he knows. He has walked this path, the good and the bad. He never claims that hard things are not hard, but instead he builds a defendable case that they are worthwhile. And armed with the bruises and scars Bradley collected as he came to live his dream, he lights a path that you can choose to walk down to refine and achieve your own dormant dreams. I chose to pursue mine. I hope you will too.” — Ray Simon
  • “His stubbornness, his consistency … he shares his pain and how he escapes it.” — Hermann Baltes
  • “If you’re ready to live your dream (as compared with simply dreaming your dream), this book will help you do it. Charbonneau offers solid advice for everything from reimagining what’s possible to sidestepping procrastination, from a surprising new take on practice to learning how to force the flow state. He includes tips from a wide variety of wise–and productive–people including Yo-Yo Ma, T. S. Eliot, and Malcolm Forbes, as well as juicy sections on topics like “The Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need” and “The $23,135 Recurring Passive Income Post.” — Laurie McAndish King, author, Your Crocodile has Arrived: More True Stories from a Curious Traveler
  • “You woke something up in my system.” — Hermann Baltes

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