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Even Money

Even Money

Several stories in one, fun to follow, but I didn’t really care about the end.

Maybe the best story was how he and his partner developer their relationship. The partner might not have been completely trustworthy (as he was caught cheating), but even Ned Talbot saw how fighting fire with fire was going to be the only way to get a leg up on the guys after him–and his father.

The whole secret father story was intriguing and interesting to follow. I have to say, I’m probably just more into the workings of food and restaurants, so I found Dead Heat more interesting as far as the side stories or back story.

We listened to this as an audiobook and the reader is just a pleasure to listen to. It’s engaging and interesting and fun to learn about horse racing and all that goes alongside it. Would I read another Dick Francis? Absolutely, but I’ll take a break for while. I want to read the latest from Donna Tartt.

Dick Francis is at it again, at the horse races.

Dick Francis is at it again, at the horse races.

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