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Island Oasis in the City

Island Oasis in the City

Do you play tourist in your own city?

What do the tourists do that you never do? How about the locals who know what to do that the tourists don’t know? The parts of the city that make your city so special? Do you know what they are? When will you discover them? Only when cousin Joe comes to town in three years? How about today?

How far do you have to go from your house to feel like you’re in another country?

The entire fourth grade class had a field trip today to Angel Island. It’s an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay and it’s a little bit of wilderness in the middle of the city. We saw a deer, a caterpillar, baby geese, a hawk, and … 60 wild 10-year olds. I don’t know if the kids will remember the day in a few years or if I will, but let’s see, if I memorialize it right now, maybe it’ll stay in my memory and then by extension, in my kid’s.

Are we on the French Riviera, coast of Thailand or ... San Francisco Bay?

Are we on the French Riviera, coast of Thailand or … San Francisco Bay?

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