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Kids Love a Project

Kids Love a Project

You can take a walk in the woods or you can film a horror film with zombies and a giant squid.

Squid to be added later with special effects.

Squid to be added later with special effects.

A walk in the woods usually provides enough stimulation for most any child (or adult) to enjoy the day. But when you start to create or build or make something and invite the kids to be a part of it, they’re all in.

A friend works in the movie special effects industry and he’ll turn a few quick video clips of the kids in the forest (expertly directed) into a small motion picture complete with gory effects and zombies and aliens. He even got them to finish up at the pool with a giant squid sucking them all underwater to their laughing and screaming finale.

But you don’t even need the special effects or iPhones. You just need to have a bit of creativity and want to build something that they can be a part of. If there is something that’s going to be created and they can be a part of it, they’ll usually want to be a part of it. Maybe it’s just human nature, or kid nature. ┬áBut it works.

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