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It doesn’t matter what your product is as long as your target audience wants it.

It doesn’t matter what your product is as long as your target audience wants it.

Poor quality, zero workmanship, even incorrect geographical locations. Who cares!

Quick, a survey, how many people know if there is a city in California called New York?

It doesn't matter what your product is as long as your target audience wants it.

Maybe it has something to do with the number 88? Oh who cares, it’s white with red letters, it looks great on you!

If you’re American or have visited the states, you probably have a good idea. But what if you live in Malaysia and you might never visit anywhere outside of Asia. You might have seen some American television or maybe you’re even a huge fan of the U.S., but still, you might think twice because they are two famous places and, well, who knows, maybe they are in the same place. Maybe New York is a city and California is a province.

What if you write a book that no one but a select group wants to read? Or a service for a tiny group? A product for a sliver of the population? Maybe it doesn’t matter. As long as you think there is a chance that certain people will like it, isn’t that good enough?

Just for fun, have a closer look at the shirt.

What’s that “R” on the left of California? Is that for registered trademark? So is that for New York or California? Who’s registering this trademark anyway? Isn’t it ironic that this knock-off T-shirt has a registered trademark symbol on it!?

There’s an acronym bottom right in the 8: NYCA88. As if that is a common acronym that everyone knows. But does anyone care? Did anyone on the entire planet, besides me and you obviously, ever take a second glance at this? No.

What’s the logo to the right of California? Is that a deer, a dog or maybe a llama? With a crown on its head? Who knows. No one is ever going to look that closely.

In fact, that’s the whole point: who cares!? Do whatever you want. Print a shirt however you’d like and if you have buyers, goody gumdrops!

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