I’m a huge Kindle fan, but I (now) also have a Kobo reader. Here’s one beautiful feature I stumbled upon today.

Picture Quote on the Kobo reader

Looks fantastic in Twitter!

You’re reading your book on your e-reader and you come across a passage you’d like to save and/or share. I’ve been using the Kindle for years and I love the note taking and bookmarking and sharing services. But I recently got a Kobo and a friend’s new book is, until April anyway, only available on the Kobo marketplace.

I’m going to let the photos below do the heavy lifting in explaining what you can do, but it’s so simple and yet so beautifully done! Usually, something like this would take a service like Canva to design (which is incredibly easy to use and insanely powerful), but from your book e-reader, it’s just:

  1. Highlight,
  2. Choose design,
  3. Share (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Done! See below for screenshots. Live examples from my Twitter account are here:


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