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Precita Park Cafe

Precita Park Cafe

Locals, creamy risotto, and even smoothies.

I’m no restaurant critic, but I know a cozy neighborhood cafe when I see one. Locals streaming in and out, our after-school dance teacher is a waitress, and dogs outside, it seemed like just a place you’d like to call your regular hangout.

Maybe that’s what intrigued me about it: I don’t really have a regular hangout cafe.¬†There was a kid’s party, a dad and his daughter, an older couple enjoying a glass of wine. People outside braving the cool evening breeze. A dog waited out front while his master got a coffee. We shared pizzas, salads, and that creamy green risotto. That was worth the price of admission. Warn, tangy, and full of flavor. Just the ticket.

Maybe it was the mix of old and new friends there. Knowing someone who worked at a place in our city. Checking out a new corner of town

Wonderful neighborhood cafe next to Precita Park. Cozy.

Wonderful neighborhood cafe next to Precita Park. Cozy.

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